A Normal Teenager Routine in Pakistan-Here it is

It’s been a long time since I’ve written articles, so I thought you should know something about me and what my daily routine is. So today’s article is about my daily routine in which I will tell you about myself, what time I work in the day, and I hope you will not get bored after reading this article but to know some interesting things. I have a lot of work to do 24 hours a day, so I’m a little confused about where to start writing. I think I should start writing from the time I wake up in the morning.


By the way, I have heard that you should be punctual, but I do not know why I do not understand, so I do not sleep long, this is the reason why I do not like sleep at all. I get up every morning at six o’clock. After waking up, I pick up my mobile and check the mails to see if there are any important mails. After that I spend some time on social apps, then I wash my hands and face and go to have breakfast. After breakfast I listen to the news to find out what’s going on in the surroundings.


I leave home at about seven o’clock and go to the park. After walking there for half an hour, I feel quite fresh, and also the doctors say that the fresh air in the morning is benificial for the human body. After spending half an hour in the park, I go to the gym, exercise there for about an hour, and then return home.


I go for my university every day at ten o’clock. You may also know that in a university where classes are long enough, there is a class of about two or 3 hours, then after attending the class there is a break for a while and then it is time for another class. The timing of my classes like this is very strange. My class is at 8 o’clock in the morning, sometimes at 10 o’clock and sometimes at 1 o’clock. So it becomes very difficult for me to maintain my routine. After attending all the classes at the university, I get free from there till four o’clock.


We all know that good friends in human life are no less than a blessing, so my friends are also very close to me, so I have to spend some time with them every day so that they don’t think that I don’t consider them my friends. So as soon as I am free from university, I go to visit my friends every day till five o’clock, after which we all go to eat together and share some things of the day with each other and go home.


There is nothing more important in a person’s life than his family, so I spend some time with him every day so that he does not feel that he is alone and family will also happy that we care about them and it is our responsibility to keep our family happy. My advice to all of you is to spend some time with your family in your daily routine. Sometimes going out to dinner with them or going on a picnic on weekend, so they will be happy and you will be relaxed after enjoying with them.


Everyone has some hobby, so I also have a hobby of playing football. I can’t describe in words how happy I feel playing football. I don’t play football every day because sometimes when I come home from university I get very tired so I rest. I go to play football three days a week at about eight o’clock at night and come home at about nine o’clock at night.


As you all know I write articles, I would like to say one more thing that I am also a graphic designer. I spend some time on social apps after dinner and then get to work. In fact, I do it with passion, so I’m not tired of it and i loved it. I get so lost in it while working that I have no idea what’s doing around me. And daily it’s been 1am, then I brush my teeth and go to bed, and before going to bed, I remember the good things of my day and fall asleep.

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