Best Dishes you Must Taste in 2021 & Three Things you Must know about your Health

In the beginning of the year 2020, just as everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, so I also make a resolution. As I am very fond of eating new dishes, I also made a resolution that by the end of 2020 I will eat the best food and suggest you all in 2021. So it’s time for me to tell you about the foods you must eat in 2021.
As we all know that Punjabis have a unique way of making tasty dishes. The food made by them will hardly have any competition in the whole world and that is why amazing dishes are famous all over the world and whatever. When you eat this food, you forget the taste of other foods all over the world. And all I have to say is that this is how it is. I was also amazed by the taste of Desi food. And today I will tell you about some amazing foods and I will definitely advise you to eat.

Chicken Biryani:

Before we write anything about chicken biryani, let us tell those who have heard this name for the first time what chicken biryani is. These are actually rice which is made into spices and then the meat is fried and added to these rice and made together. I’m sure some people got hungry after reading all this. That’s exactly what happened to my surface when I first ate chicken biryani and I can’t tell you in words how good it tastes. Biryani takes about two hours to make and is a bit difficult to make. So you will definitely eat it.

Saagh And Makai ki Roti:

Saag and corn bread are so popular in desi dishes that you can make them a delicacy. This is a favorite dish of the Desi people of the world. The saagh looks exactly like spinach and looks the same even after it is formed. But saagh are made in different ways and it takes many hours to make and it is very difficult to make saagh, with a little carelessness the whole saagh can go bad so not everyone can make them. Most people make saagh in the winter and enjoy eating them in the winter. And corn bread is made by grinding corn and its flour. Mostly saagh are eaten with corn bread.

The Things You Should Must Know about Your Health:

Every human being in life thinks that he will do a lot in his life which will bring comfort in his life and he will live a peaceful life by working hard. But he doesn’t think it’s important to be healthy in order to fulfill all his dreams. When a person is not healthy and strong, he will not be able to do anything properly and will get sick. The human body is like a machine, as long as you take care of the machine, it works properly, but as soon as you stop taking care of it, the machine rusts, just as long as the human body Does not meet the needs of, works day and night and does not rest the body, it harms his health.

Mental Health:

Today’s people are so busy with their lives that they just have to find comforts in life and work for them. Mental health is an important issue that many people do not even think about. When a person does not have peace of mind, no matter what he does in the world, he faces difficulties in doing so. Mental illness affects not only older people but also younger children today. Young children who are still in school are given so many tasks that they are disturbed by this thought on a daily basis how they do so much work. We should do Yoga activities to relief stress, anxiety and depression to feel good.

Impact of sports on Health:

Everyone should take part in their favorite sport. When a person does a Curricular activity, it has a great effect on his health and refreshes both the mind and the body. And when he plays a game with other people and interacts with them, he gets peace of mind by talking to someone and he realizes that he will get peace of mind and not stay busy all day and don’t take care of your life.

How to maintain Healthy lifestyle:

Taking care of one’s health should be the most important thing for a person to do. He should get up early every morning to go for jogging and avoid high fat foods as they are harmful to his health. He should work only eight to nine hours a day so that he can rest in peace for the rest of the time. Everyone should sleep 8 hours in night.

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