How to get admission in Any University in Pakistan

Today I am writing an article on such a topic with the hope that after reading it, students will get a lot of help. Today’s article is about how you can get admission in the university and what things to keep in mind before taking admission. Students are very upset thinking that we have passed the college but now how to get admission in the university so let me tell them this is not a problem that you are upset thinking about. You need some information before you can go to university.

From school to college, all the work of the child is done by his parents, so he also has no idea what to do if he has a practical life ahead. But parents need to give their child a little bit of information over time about how to live in the world and what to do when they have the ability to think and understand.

Admission to the university is neither difficult nor very easy. I will not tell you anything difficult but I will share with you my personal experience of how I got admission in the university and I will advise you to stay away from the mistakes I made so that you do not have any problem. So let’s talk about our topic.

Study Hard:

All students want to get a impressive degree and go to a good university because if you have a good degree you will get a nice job. So in order to get admission in a good university, the number on your result card should be high. It is important to understand that admission to a university is based on merit and only students who are eligible are admitted. Therefore, students should study hard and pass with good marks so that they can get admission in a good university.


The other important thing is that whenever the students pass the college exams, they have no idea how to get admission in the university. Let me tell them that when you pass the exams from the college, the university in those days admission tests are also being conducted. And some students don’t know it and university admission dates pass and students lose a semester then students have to wait until re-admission dates. Students should keep checking the university admission dates in the last days of college.

Apply in 3 or 4 universities:

Students should apply for admission in at least three or four universities as thousands of students come for admission in each university and sometimes due to lack of seats not enough children get admission so always apply three or four universities for admission so that even if there is no admission in one university, it can be done in another.

Prepare admission test:

Students should prepare well before taking admission in the university. Before getting admission in the university, you are taken an entrance test. If you pass the test, then you will get admission.

Required Documents:

Before getting admission in university they will take copies of your some of documents so they can get your information.

  • Passport size pictures.
  • Metric Mark sheet.
  • College Mark sheet.
  • Phone number.
  • Identity card number.

My experience:

So now, I will tell you what difficulties I face before getting admission in universities. As everyone I was going to take admission in university first time so I did a lot of mistakes. First mistake was when I passed out from college I didn’t know that university is conducting admission tests and none of my friend told me so admission dates were closed and I didn’t take admission. Then, I wait for bs for new admission dates when date comes I made one more mistake that I only applied for admission in only one university when the result comes out I was not listed in that list so I didn’t get admission. And that time mostly universities closed the dates of admission test because it was too late then one of my friend told me about a university that didn’t closed admission when I reached that university they want me to give an entry test. Due to my issue I skipped six months so I didn’t remember anything about my college studies. And I then I spend whole night and study then go for entry test and luckily I got the admission after a lot of mistakes.  


I would advise you to apply for admission to the university as soon as you graduate from college exams. If you do not apply on time you have to face a problem and one of the problem is that you will not get admission and the other is that when re-open the university admission six months later, you are not prepared to take the entrance test because you forgot everything in those six months. So apply for admission as soon as possible.

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