How To Get First Client For Graphic Designing

So my today’s article is related to my previous article. In fact, after reading my previous article, a lot of people contacted me and told me that they benefited a lot from learning graphic designing and that they are making good money. Also, some people contacted me who have not yet found a client who can give them a job that they can earn money from.

As I told you before, all the work in the world seems easy to us, but only as long as we are not doing it ourselves. But when we begin to do it ourselves, it becomes clear that it is not as easy as we thought. I told you guys to learn graphic design, I also wrote that don’t take it so easy, you have to work hard in this field because many more people have learned graphic designing and they are very good designer. Apparently, the client hires the servant whose designs are better. But there is nothing to worry about because if a person does any work with hard work, one day he will definitely achieve success and then he realizes that everything should be done with hard work, only then can a person be successful.

I said all these things to motivate you so that you do not get frustrated and do not think that learning graphic design is of no use, today I will tell you how you can find clients who need a graphic designer.

In fact, I am a graphic designer myself and I have about five years of experience in this field, so I will give you only the tips that I tried myself and which will definitely useful for you guys.


Create Attractive Portfolio:

I don’t think some people know what a portfolio is, so I want to tell them what a portfolio is. A portfolio is actually a place where your designs are located and when a client asks you to show him some of your designs then you send him your portfolio which contains all your designs. The client decides whether you are for hiring for their work or not. So for a graphic designer, his portfolio means a lot, so make your own good portfolio. Now some people may be wondering how to create a portfolio, what design to put in it when they have not done any work, so let me tell them that you can create some design in the beginning and put it in your portfolio. If any of the relatives have a job related to graphic designing then you should do that job and the work that you will do will be added to your portfolio.

Promote Your Portfolio:

First of all, I told you to make a good portfolio, but now the question is, if the clients do not come, then who should be shown the portfolio? So the solution is to go to the clients yourself. As we all know that everyone uses social media these days, you should take advantage of this. Promote your portfolio with the help of social media, share your portfolio on every platform. When a large number of people share your portfolio, it will surely reach a person who needs a graphic designer.

Keep Your Prices Low:

A big problem between graphic designers and clients is that the client’s budget is not as high as the graphic designer is talking about, which is why many deals end before they even start. The simple solution is that when you learn graphic design, put a little value you work into the beginning so that each type of client can deal with you. Then as time goes on you start getting more clients and you will start to increase the value of your work.

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