Why People Attach with Pets so fast – Here are the major Reasons

Today I have chosen a very interesting topic for you to write an article and I hope that you will not get bored after reading it but you will also find some information which may be useful to you in the future. So my topic for today is pet love. Today I will tell you how to treat pets, how to take care of them, what their diet is and what their strengths are. Everyone loves animals, so I hope you enjoy today’s article.

In fact, I am writing an article on this topic today because I want to share my experience with you. A few years ago I was also very fond of raising pets and I also raised two pets so I will have information related to them and I will definitely share it with you.

One thing comes to my mind before I start writing an article and I think it should be shared with you guys. Some people are very fond of raising pets but their family members do not like it because the family members do not like it. So for people whose family doesn’t allow it, I would like to tell them that there is nothing to be sad about. Explain to your family members with love. If they still do not agree, then you should work hard to buy a house of your own and raise any animal in it, then your family members didn’t say you to not raise pets. In fact, the family forbids you to keep pets because they think that having a pet will not allow you to concentrate on your studies and keep playing all the time.

So let me tell you about the main topic, like I told you that I will share my experience with you۔ I will only tell you about the two pets that I raised and I will also tell you how I spent time with them.


Dogs have always been my favorite animal and wherever I see a dog, I want to bring it home with me. I bought a puppy who was two months old and I raised him and took care of him day and night and did not feed him any food that would affect his health so I used to gave him only dog food three times a day. And whenever he was sick, I took him right away to the doctor so that his condition would not get worse. And when I woke up in the morning to go out to the park, he follows me everyday. I named him Rizo and when he was three years old I felt like I wasn’t paying attention at all in my studies so I gave Rizo to my friend for a few years and explained everything that how to take care of Rizo. A told him that i would take Rizo back later.


When I realized that I no longer had the burden of studying and that I could raise a pet, I came up with the idea of raising a cat and I brought a cat in home and thought that after a while I will bring back Rizo too from my friend. The kitten was so cute that I carried it around with me all the time. And when I hid while playing, he would find me all over the house. i named him kimmy and lovingly called him Kim. Kim was very innocent but sometimes he was so naughty that I wanted to send him to my friend too but seeing his innocence I kept him with me. Kim were ate only cat food. Kim loved me so much that he slept in my room carpet. When Kim was three years old, he ill. I took him to the doctor, but it was too late.

Then I was alone for a while and I missed Kim because I loved him so much. Then one day my friend came to my house and handed Rizo over to me and said that don’t be sad after Kim left and also said that I will come to see Rizo when I feel like it.

In the end I just want to say that animals should be loved. They are very loyal and the person who takes care of them loves them very much. Dogs and horses in particular are an animal that is very loyal. You will find examples of their loyalty in many books.

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