School Life Of Every Student – Everything you want to know

School is where you get an education and learn a lots of information about life, society and the world. School education actually teach children a lot of valuable things that will help them throughout their lives. It will help to figure out the problem to fits in the society. Its the first step towards the life you get prepared for everything that you are gonna face after school ends. In school you grouped up with people of the same level of experience so you make mistakes and learn a lot together. School, to me, does not refer to just a building where you are made to pass the exams, school is any place where you begin to know yourself, to make yourself and to direct yourself.

School provides structure to children’s live:

It shapes an individual to be acceptable in a society in that a person is taught on how to behave within the community and a country as a whole. It helps us distinguish between right and wrong, it helps us make choices in life, aware of our surroundings. It builds confidence to ask questions, interact with different people and learn something new daily. This is our first experience to real life, outside the home. School is a place where you Learn about life, love, sports, relationships, values, etc. School life is important as it is the step of your life , it’s like a basement to your entire beautiful life , you may change in the future due to the surroundings and environment which you live around but the school life is the only time where you will have no tensions to face the outside world and this is the only time you get to spend with the friends and family.

School memories are really precious:

School create memories, life is all about creating memories. School uniform, Lunch, prayers, that good morning teacher song, school buses, Friends, trips, that happiness when you first start learning to write with pen, Independence day celebrations, sports and that happiness when your teacher is absent that age is unforgettable. School is all about learning how to grow better. The most interesting thing is school uniform no matter how much rich you are, you have to wear the same uniform.

Sports and Activities:

I still miss my school days basketball team, that court, that happiness after winning the game. Participated in competitions, giving a speech. Now I realized why we have sports and activities periods on our timetable, It was about being fit and having a good spirit. Participated in different activities to prove yourself, show yourself. That competitions somehow makes you a person you have never dream of. It is important for some obvious reasons but it makes us social, aware, create healthy competition around us and makes us active when we desire to participate in curricular activities.

Books, Lunch, Library, Labs:

The stories and poems that we used to study, every chapter was a lifelong lesson for everyone.

The last 2 years of my life was all about lunch, I used to count every single second for the lectures to get over so we can move to the ground and cherish the best moments of life with the best and most valuable friends in our lives. “Sharing is caring“, that 1 hour lunch taught me these 2 most elegant things.

Labs, Again experimenting each and everything we could, it was like learning every time something new, this was the right place to experiment your intelligence.

The best part of the library as if you are looking for a silent place to work at, just have the permission of librarian and enjoy the fabulous environment of the library with all kind of books and newspapers. If you are not reading, you are not improving. Sometimes we caught, talking with some of our best friends. I’m missing those days.

Closing time of the school:

Yes, when your home is just five minutes away from your school but still you reach your home after one hour of closing time of your school, just to talk a little more to your best friends.
And last but can never be the least, be thankful to your parents that they made every possible bit to get you admitted to the best school possible , because whatever you are in your life is only because of their hard work. Respect them.

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