Today I am talking about an interesting topic and they are also used in the daily life of every human being. The name of the topic is fruit. Today I will tell you about seven fruits that are very useful for human health. By the way, every fruit has some benefit but I don’t know, I felt that I should tell you about these seven fruits. Before I tell you about those ten fruits, I would like to give you some information about nature and fruits.

This world is very beautiful and everything found in this world adds to its beauty and there are some things that if a person eats it, it will shine on him and his health will be very good. All fruits are a beautiful part of nature. Fruit is one of the blessings of this nature, by eating which man enjoys the best taste, but at the same time, the tree on which the fruit grows also gives a lot of benefits. For example, when a fruit looks like a plant and after a while it becomes a tree, it provides shade to protect from the sun. It also comes and planting trees gives birds a place to live.


Whether it is summer or winter apple is a fruit that is found in all seasons and those who are eager to eat apples do not have to wait for any season to eat their favorite fruit. An apple is a fruit that rich and poor، everyone can buy it because its price is low. Apples contain many vitamins that boost the human immune system. Often people eat apples before breakfast in the morning to start the day with something that is good for health so that they can spend the whole day fresh.


Mango is called the king of fruits. It is a fruit that is found in the summer season and there are a lot of people who likes to eat this fruit. As much as this fruit tastes good to eat, it is also very beautiful to look at. The mango tree is very tall and it is very difficult to remove the mango from it. To unload mangoes, one has to climb a tree because its height is so high that it cannot be unloaded by standing on the ground.


Banana is a fruit that is very beneficial for the humans. It contains a lot of protein which is useful for the human body. Banana is found in both summer and winter. As I said about the mango tree, it is very tall, so is the banana tree, and the banana does not hang alone on the tree, but it is a vine of ten or fifteen which have to cut from the tree to get it down.


Orange is found in the winter season and contains numerous vitamins that are very beneficial for human bones. There are many types of oranges and all the types look almost the same. Orange trees are very small, but there are many oranges hanging on that small tree and it is very easy to grow trees. Some people prefer to drink orange juice instead of eating it.


Strawberry is a beautiful fruit that cannot just admire as being beautiful, it is also very tasty. Strawberries are neither winter nor summer fruit, and strawberries come only for a short time. This fruit has many benefits and the biggest benefit is that it makes blood in the human body very fast. It is very expensive in terms of price because it is difficult to grow so not everyone grows it because it’s difficult to grow it.


Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water. It is a summer fruit and a favorite fruit of many people. Watermelon does not grow on any tree because it weighs so much that if it grows on a tree, it will fall on the ground, so it is lying on the ground like a vegetable. It is found in large numbers every year and the price of this fruit is very low.


Pomegranate is a fruit that is found in the winter season and it comes for a short period of time. It is a fruit that makes blood in the human body very fast, its color is also reddish red. Pomegranate is very useful for heart patients. There are many people who are eager to eat pomegranate but the price of this fruit is very high so not everyone cannot buy it. Pomegranate contains a lot of vitamins and is very useful for human beings. If eaten in the morning, it has a very good effect. Sometimes pomegranates are quite sour, so people drink pomegranate juice instead of eating it.

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