What should you do After FSC – Here are the List

So our topic today is something that a lot of people ask me about. And most of these people are students because this topic is about their future. So today we will discuss what students should do after the twelfth grade. I hope that after writing this article of mine, when you read it like this, it will help you so much that you will not have to worry about what we have to do in the future and what subjects we should choose.

First of all, let me make it clear that the basis of every class is the class that you have passed and come to this class, then the basis of the eleventh and twelfth class is the ninth and tenth class. In school you have to read all the subjects up to the eighth grade which the school people tell you to read but when you come to the ninth grade the teachers give you an option and that option is you have to choose computer science or biology that you have to study in ninth and tenth grade. Then when you enter the twelfth grade, you get the option to change the subject you still have to study.

FSC Subject option:

Basically, when you take admission in College they give you 4 options and you have to select on of them. That 4 options are ICS, Pre-engineering, Pre-medical, I.com. Choose the one that you think will make your study easier and which is of interest to you.


In ICS ( Introduction to Computer Science ) the teachers will teach you that type of subjects that is relates to computer and when you studied ICS you will able to use computer as above than begineer level and they also teach you some computer languages that helps you in programming if you want to become a programmer.

Pre engineering:

In Pre-engineering you have to studied Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics these are the main subjects. Students who take admission in pre engineering they can easily become an engineer in future.

Pre medical:

In Pre medical as you can judge by its title you have to study medical. In pre medical all subjects are same as pre engineering but there is one difference that is if you are studying pre medical you don’t have to study mathematics.


People who choose I.com they have to studied about business subjects like accounting etc. I.com subjects helps students who want to start their own business and student can also apply for ACCA or CA after I.Com.
One thing I noticed that students think that I.com is easy than other but it’s a wrong opinion if you ask to me. Every field is same tough than other the main thing is you don’t feel difficult if you have interest in that field.

One more thing is that in all of 4 fields that is available in college have some same subjects that every student should study they can’t skip that subjects because it’s for their better and somehow that subjects are helping you to be a good citizen these subjects are called common subjects.

Main topic:

So let’s move on to the main topic of what you should do after the twelfth grade. First of all, my own personal opinion is that whenever you are in the last days of college. College teachers have to conduct a seminar for all their students who are about to graduate on how to choose subjects in their future life. Which field is in high demand and so on.

Students should take their time to think:

Students should not rush into university when they have completed their college education because a hasty decision is always wrong. Students should take time to think about what they are interested in and what they want to do in the future practical life that they can easily achieve by adopting. When the students get the answer to all these questions, they should go to the university and get the admission form and register themselves in the course in which they have interest. Because everyone knows that only the work that a person likes to do gives him peace of mind.

Good thing about universities:

Let me tell you one thing, in college you have completed any of these four courses but in university you always have the option that you can get admission in any field there is no restriction. Teachers don’t guide properly to their students what they have to choose or not either they have to study computer or biology. Teachers have to observe their student’s activity in which field they have interest and what subject should they choose.

One last thing when you take admission in university, suppose you take admission in BsCS in university and you feel that you are not interested in this course you can switch to any other field after completing that semester and before 2nd or 3rd semester and if there are some common subjects in BsCS and other field in which you want to take admission you don’t have to study again.

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