Why Art Is So Important In Our Life – Here Is The Reason

Let me tell you clearly what art is, there are so many definitions of art Some people think art is related to painting, drawings, and many stuff like this. But they are totally wrong this is not the actual definition of art. It cannot define art. If I tell you what is art near to me so I think art is a feeling that can come into your mind at any time and you put that energy into anything it can be music, writing, singing anything. It makes you happy while working. People think that you just have to study to be an artist but I don’t think its totally true, art is naturally hidden in you, from the first day all you have to do is find the right thing in which you think you are good and you can do this work without any doubt.

Understanding the meaning of Art:

It is very hard for everyone to understand the meaning of art not everyone can understand the actual meaning behind the art. Whenever an artist made art he put his thoughts and energy into his art. Like if you see a painting so that not just a painting that is the feeling of an artist who made this artist communicate through his art they put his thoughts and energy in his art. Only art lovers can understand that meaning what the artist wants to say in this painting. It’s not only for painting It can be any art.

Advantages of Art:

I cannot write down all advantages of art and why it is important but I will try to tell you some of the advantages of art. As I observed art can reduce your mental stress level it makes you happy and I have seen many people that do the painting when they are angry and it makes them happy.
I read many types of research that art opens the mind and it increases the brain functioning. And one main reason are Artist don’t do overthinking they don’t let waste thoughts come to mind they spend their time in making their art rather than thinking negative. Artist’s mind is different than others.

Value of an Artist:

It is a sad reality, society doesn’t give respect to the artist that they deserve. Even many parents don’t support their child who wants to be an artist because they think art doesn’t have much value than other degrees and somehow it’s true. I think only 10% of artists can make their career in this field and the other 90% of artists do their art in their rooms for the rest of life or they sit with their paintings on the footpaths to sell them. That’s why many people leave this profession before starting because they also started thinking that there are low chances to become successful in this career. Nowadays, everyone wants a luxury living lifestyle and they think if they became an artist it is not possible to achieve their goals.

How society think about an Artist:

I am ashamed to say that society’s idea of looking at the painting is very wrong. They can’t understand why the artist made this art how many thoughts and emotions are behind this art. if an artist made a painting of nature or something else every people thinks that it’s so easy to make why the owner of this painting call himself an artist everyone they don’t know what meaning is inside that painting. Society should open up their minds before seeing art or giving a bad opinion.

Art in Music:

As I told you before, art is not only making paintings art can be anything. Similarly, music is also an art it also plays an important role in our lives because many people listen to music from somewhere, whether it is on television, mobile, or any other way. Music has a profound effect on human emotions. Most people listen to a single melody in a song and go into a thought. It would not be wrong to say that there is a very old connection between human emotions and music. Art helps a person to relax his mind. It would not be wrong to say that music itself a language because through music the musician is telling people what he cannot tell in ordinary language. It’s just like a painter putting his thoughts and feelings into his painting.

Visual Art: 

Visual art is the modern form of art in which usually these types of things are included like Videography, Photography, Graphic designing, etc. Fashion designing is also included in this category. Visual artists are also playing an important role in society. For example, if they start making a banner, first they will think about what kind of things peoples are attracted to. 

Art in Architecture:

So far we have talked about small things, now we talk about big things like architecture designing. Some people wonder what art is in architecture. They do not think that before doing anything they think about how it will work. Workers only build the building, but how to build this building so that the building will not be damaged in the future, all this architecture tells the workers

So these were some of the types of art that I told you about. And I think art is hidden somewhere in everything. In the end, I just wanna say that art is about our personal experience with it and the meaning you draw from it everyone art starts differently and has the potential to grow and learn from it. It allows us to tell stories about record history. Some people are emotionally attached to it. No, any profession is bad it depends on how do people see it.

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